Wow, where did the year go? At  Sitekit, this year was all about growth, structure, and a couple of new beginnings. We became a fully remote company, hired more amazing staff members, successfully completed external audits, and a lot more.

Here’s what we have been up to in 2022:

People & Training

This year we really took it up a notch with Training and Development for our staff.

Summer started on a high with the amazing Insights team who provided us all with professional feedback on the style of work, work personality, and several tasks to get us collaborating even more, making our working experience smoother and more efficient. We are passionate about keeping Sitekit staff tech-savvy and making sure we work with the best tools available. This year we refreshed our knowledge of Dynamics 365 and trained some of the new members of staff.

People are what makes Sitekit great. In 2022 we have grown and are proud to have another 17 new recruits who joined us to support our mission to revolutionise the delivery of health and social care.

Another important milestone for Sitekit in 2022 was to spread our expertise and leadership beyond our current boundaries. We were glad to see our CEO Jill DeBene join INTEROpen as a board member to drive innovation and increase Sitekit's impact in tech.

Remotely Together

The world as we know it made some progress towards a better future after COVID-19 and it certainly taught us a few valuable lessons and has shown the importance of doing the job we do well remotely. Our staff are able to perform at an incredible level from the comfort of their home while also having the time and headspace to take care of their families and other commitments without worrying about coming into the office.

As of 2022, we became a fully remote company with WeWork offices on demand in Edinburgh and London. We still love getting together for our powerful brainstorming sessions and regular catch-ups when needed.

To celebrate everything we achieved as a company and the successes of our clients, we hosted an annual company event in Manchester which was a great networking opportunity and a lovely night out.

The importance of recognising our efforts and wins has proven we only have more to reach for and have the right team to succeed.


Products and Services


In 2022 we transformed the look of eRedbook! Sitekit listened to eRedbook users and we were delighted to announce the transformative redesign of the eRedbook user experience that has gone live in July making the solution even easier for parents to use.  New updated key features included a new family home page, simple tools to manage profiles, and easy-to-navigate records using the new feature buttons.

Proxy Access

Sitekit has worked with NHS England on an early-stage discovery piece and again through a cross-organisation hackathon with the Office of Public Guardian this year on Proxy Access which will ultimately provide people with the ability to access health records on behalf of others when legally appropriate. This technology could benefit parents accessing eRedbook records on behalf of their children, or relatives' appropriate access to the records of the people they care for.

Digital Staff Passport and Social Care Project

Both of these projects are key for ensuring digital transformation in both Health and Social Care.  In the DSP project, we are working with the NHS to build on our experience of delivering the COVID staff passport to ensure staff onboarding and movement achieves the standards we expect in a modern world.  We were also delighted to win funding from the UK Innovation Fund to apply technology to the social care sector. We believe over the next 2 years this will revolutionize how care is obtained and delivered.

Industry events & Audit

Starting the year on a high exhibiting at Rewired 2022 was a great kick-off to many promising conversations and one of the most important discussions we had as a roundtable on Digital Identity where we spoke to industry and NHS leaders on how we can shape the future.

Earlier this year our team also attended the Microsoft Entra event in Seattle which marked a great new chapter in our relationship as partners. We brought a lot of insights back to the UK and are looking forward to sharing those with you.

To finish the year on a high, we were delighted to have passed ISO 27001 and 9001 audits to continue to serve our clients at the highest level of quality.

To round up the year and wish you a Merry Christmas, our CEO Jill DeBene shared her thoughts:

This has been a truly exciting year.  My thanks to all our customers and we look forward to achieving greater success and digital transformation in 2023.