An average trust can save an average of £1.2m a year by implementing and adopting modern Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) tools.

The first step towards realising a benefit for your organisation is to develop a business case tailored directly to your organisation regardless of which IGA solution you ultimately choose to adopt.

IGA Business Case

What is an IGA business case?

An Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) business case examines your existing processes around managing your user’s digital identities and how you provide access for your users to your digital resources e.g. a nurse’s access to your EPR and shows how it could be improved and what costs could be saved.

Most NHS organisations have complex needs when it comes to working out who has access to what, and yet few have fit-for-purpose systems to help them achieve it. This means there are cash-releasing savings to be made. These are demonstrated in the business case.

What does it entail? 

Many of your access provisioning processes may be manual or have a strong manual element to them. You will almost certainly have a large number of personnel across your organisation who are involved in the provisioning of access to systems.

During the preparation of the business case, our consultants will speak to staff across your organisation, understand how they are working today, what systems you are using, and what your processes are. We will document our findings, along with a detailed calculated estimate of your potential savings.

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IGS Business Case Development2

IGS Business Case Development3

IGS Business Case Development4

Why carry out an IGA business case with Sitekit?

Sitekit are experienced in carrying out IGA business case assessments with NHS trusts. 

We understand how NHS workforce processes generally work, particularly those around recruitment, onboarding and systems provisioning and as a result our consultants quickly become familiar with your specific ecosystem and issues.

What will you receive?

Using our business case formats, we deliver tailored, accurate, detailed, and respected documentation to enable you to understand the potential benefits of implementing IGA solutions.

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