Quickly create your new-look website at great value with Sitekit. 

Sitekit has been a trusted, widely-recognised supplier of websites for more than 30 years, evolving constantly in the provision of enterprise-ready solutions. 

Polyscripta Website Frontend

Sitekit’s Polyscripta web design service enables you to quickly create great-looking websites that are fully responsive and meet accessibility standards. We are committed to you having complete control over the look and feel of your website and we will continue to support you as your needs change by helping you to make small or large changes.

Sitekit's Polyscripta websites are:

Fully responsive & AI ready - Whether your users are using mobile devices, tablets, or full-sized screens, Sitekit Polyscripta websites are built to be easy to use and ready to capitalise on the AI revolution. 

Great looking - The Sitekit Polyscripta team knows what it takes to build a great website with expertise, particularly in the healthcare sector.

Meet accessibility standards - Sitekit Polyscripta staff are experts in building high-quality websites that meet accessibility standards and can guide you through this process.


Design and Develop

Our Project and Development Team works with you and other stakeholders to establish a project plan at the outset and then collaborate with you to build your site, ultimately delivering a fully functional site that meets your specific needs.

Support and Maintain

The Polyscripta support team is on hand to provide maintenance and upkeep to your site via our managed support desk and out-of-hours service. This may include enacting small changes, providing creative input, or adding new functionality. We support a range of hosting options and can provide them if required.


We recognise the AI revolution is poised to transform the internet and website design starting now. To enable our customers to capitalise on these changes as they emerge our web solutions must be powered by a modern rapidly evolving content platform.

Sitekit elected to move from the Sitekit CMS to the well-known Umbraco content management system because it is being continually enhanced and developed to ensure it is at the forefront of technology releases. Umbraco is a leading website Content Management System that runs over 250,000 websites around the world.

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