Sitekit sparked a meaningful discourse on Women in Tech with a pioneering event in 2023. To bring the conversation beyond the virtual realm, we hosted a thought-provoking breakfast gathering for women in tech in January. The following are some of the collective insights shared at the event. 
The tech industry has long been male-dominated, but there’s a growing push for diversity and inclusion in leadership roles. To tackle this problem, it’s essential that we make sure that women feel welcome and have a clear pathway to success in the tech industry. 

Equity in the workplace 

One of the biggest challenges in attracting women to tech is ensuring equity in the workplace. This means creating an environment where women feel valued, respected, and supported in their careers. To do this, we need to show them a clear pathway for advancement from the beginning of their journey, whether that’s through internships and programs at the beginning of their career or other opportunities after maternity leave. This can help to demonstrate that women are qualified and capable of working in the tech industry and can help to break down the barriers that often prevent women from pursuing careers in this field. 

Keeping the workplace safe and welcome for everyone 

Another important factor is making sure that the workplace is safe and welcoming for women. This includes addressing harassment and discrimination, and creating an environment where women feel comfortable expressing their opinions and sharing their experiences. This can help to foster a sense of community and support and can be crucial in helping women to thrive in the tech industry. 

Gender bias in job adverts 

Only 20% of the tech industry is female, partly due to gender-biased language in job postings, according to Forbes. Ads using gender-neutral language receive 42% more female applicants. Despite progress, gender bias continues to persist, and job posts often favour traditionally masculine traits. To create a more inclusive work environment, it’s important to write job ads emphasizing key skills and experiences, and encouraging female applicants even if they only meet 60-80% of requirements. 

Diversity & Inclusion 

Finally, it’s crucial to remember that sustainability, diversity, and inclusion are long-term commitments. Demonstrating these values over time is important in building a workplace culture that is welcoming and supportive of women. This can help to encourage more women to pursue careers in tech and can help to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace for everyone. 

Attracting women to tech is about more than just filling job vacancies and ticking a box. It’s about creating a workplace culture that is equitable, supportive, and safe, and one that provides clear pathways for advancement and success. By addressing these issues, we can help to create a more diverse and inclusive tech industry that is better equipped to serve the needs of all people. 

Sitekit is part of a wider ground movement currently growing in tech companies that are looking to take meaningful action to develop women and attract women to their workforce. Over the coming months and years, Sitekit aims to work alongside other tech companies, large and small, to achieve this aim including through our Women in Tech events.

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